YateBTS rogue station running at RSA Conference 2018

It doesn’t looks like an IMSI-Catch attack, much more it seems to be a miss configuration, someone playing around with YateBTS in his/her laptop plugged with a BladeRF, completely forgotten to disable or modify source to avoid the SMS welcome, so everyone who walks in the RSA conference close to this YateBTS station received a welcome SMS as showed above.



@s7ephen tweet about this message:

David Burgess (the man who started the OpenBTS project time ago with Harvind Samra) wrote his own note from YateBTS web page regarding this extrange rogue tower:

The ‘rogue GSM tower’ episode and Cambridge Analytica: why ethics matters to technology

Probably this RSA edition will be remembered for the attendees data leak (article from theregister.co.uk), but is also quite interesting this GSM station broadcasting welcome SMS.


DHS acknowledges unauthorized foreign Stingray use in Washington D.C.

Hi all,

Once again Washington D.C. But this is believed to be the first time the U.S. government has publicly acknowledged the devices in Washington, according to The Associated Press.

Looking forward to visiting Washington D.C. with my CellAnalysis laptop or even more, deploy probes all around the city to trace these mysterious devices.

The article has been covered by several media/news websites:

[npr] Feds Say They’ve Detected Apparent Rogue Spy Devices In D.C.

[foxnews] Homeland Security finds suspected phone surveillance devices in Washington

[scmagazine] DHS acknowledges unauthorized foreign Stingray use in Washington D.C.

[cnet] Homeland Security has detected phone spying devices in DC


Stay tuned for more fake station news and CellAnalysis new versions.