CellAnalysis running on GPD Pocket

It all began when I read Simone’s article (@evilsocket) on the Pocket GPD,  I thought it would be a perfect device to pentest radio frecuency, Wifi, BT … and also in which to be able to camouflage CellAnalysis.

My preferred setup is to be used with a rtlsdr dongle and a 2G modem, so I will focus on this hardware.

I received the Windows 10 GPD version (as at the time of writing is the only one available) so first thing to do, is be free:

  • Update the BIOS which can support Ubuntu OS first:


  • And download the image of Ubuntu 17 already prepared by “nexus511” of his web:



After writing the image (use “dd” command, you don’t need any GUI or Windows software) to a USB disk, it was installed without any problem in the GPD (screen rotation, partition encrypted, …). Already in Ubuntu, the first thing was to update the apt packages (apt-get update) to install all the dependencies:

-The base software for a RF workstation; HW drivers for rtlsdr,  GNURadio, libosmocore, kalibrate-rtl and GR-GSM. A good reading  recommended is available on the GR-GSM wiki:


Although in my case I didn’t install the GNURadio and GR-OsmoSDR packages using apt, I prefer to download from the github;

git: //git.osmocom.org/gr-osmosdr

– Now we only need to install:

Airprobe: https://github.com/pcabreracamara/airprobe
Arfcncalc: http://www.runningserver.com/?page=runningserver.content.download.arfcncalc
Cellanalysis: https://fakebts.com/download/

– Following these steps, you will get the GPD Pocket running with RTLSDR and a 2G modem with cellanalysis, easy to hide and to carry 🙂