CellAnalysis at DefCon DemoLabs

This year I was lucky enough to go for the first time to the DefCon, which was held from July 27th to 30th at the Caesars Hotel in Las Vegas.

In the event, were held the DemoLabs, in which I had the great honor to participate demonstrating and showing the capabilities of CellAnalysis

It was a surprise to see the little use and how the spectrum was distributed in the USA:

In the DemoLab I showed how CellAnalysis can be installed in a RaspberryPi3, using two devices: a 2G modem as a primary device and a RTLSDR dongle as a secondary device: the primary will only scan for 2G cells continuously, while the secondary will scan the broadcast traffic for each detected cell.  This setup will allow very small detection times and can be packed in many ways: